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Authentication with public key - access denied
Andrii Kalytiuk Authentication with public key - access denied
When I attempt to authenticate with private/public key to SSH server installed on Windows - I get error message:

Authenticating with public key "imported-openssh-key"
Access denied

How I configured authentication with public key:

1) Generated private key file (.PEM) with OpenSSL - as described here
with command:

openssl genrsa -out sshPrivkey.pem 2048

2) Generated private key (.PPK) file and public key file with PuttyGen - as described here

3) Added public key with user name (local Administrator user), password and domain (tried both hostname and empty string) to publickey_login.ini file - as described here

4) Restarted Windows service of KTS server

5) Logged in with Putty specifying private key file (.PPK) under
Connection / SSH / Auth category

Andrii Kalytiuk

Andrii Kalytiiuk
Exact fulfillment of instructions from following page resolved the problem:

Log of KTS server helped a lot.

Reason was - wrong public key referenced in publickey_login.ini file.


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