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length of a line.
muli length of a line.
I am using the server to test an application. When the application logs into the server the server execute a batch script which sends a long ascii string to the client. The line is about 400 char' long with a "\n" line feed at the end. when the application received the string it is broken down into string with a max length of 151 Char'. Is this a Telnet feture? or windows ?

Kroum Grigorov
There is no length limitation in KTS.
However when you say that you send "a long ascii string to the client" it should be clear that KTS works different from most *nix telnet servers. It does not echo back the entire command output, but sends only enough data to represent the host console screen. For example if you do the following on the host:
depending on the state of KTS internal screen buffer you might get one of the following in your client:
however these both should be interpreted by your telnet client as
ABCE which is the same that you have on the host console screen.



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