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Login Type Error - Win2K8R2
dk Login Type Error - Win2K8R2
On our Win2K8 R2 server (not connected to domain), I create a specific SFTP user, but I can only log in when the user is part of the Administrators group. I get the following error when not in the Administrators group:

login refused: [ user1 ] - Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.

I have followed the instructions for allowing READ to the subsystem files and also the set the permissions for the SFTP_ROOT folder.
What do I need to allow for my "user1" to log in?


My apologies. I read over an earlier post by JasonG again and realized that I needed to update "Allow Logon Locally" in Local Security Policy with the specific user.

Everything is working properly.



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