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IP blocking
patrick IP blocking
how would i go about blocking an IP? do i just put it in a txt file in the banned IPs folder?

Kroum Grigorov
Yes, just create a file in the ip-ban folder with the form:
99999-<banned ip here>
For ex:

Note that the file has no extension, so this is not a txt file, it's just a file with no specific extension.
You don't have to write anything into the file, just create it.


We can block only one ip with above example, how can we add more ip address to block.

and if we also want to block some user in certain ip pool(, how can we block that ip pool ???

Kroum Grigorov
> block some user in certain ip pool

You can't.
The IP block mechanism is targeting brute force login attempts, hence this is per IP address(blocked after a number of failed login attempts).
There's no IP range blocking/or IP<->user mapping/ implemented.



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