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Delete, Backspace key
Bob Delete, Backspace key

I'm using kpym as an ssh server. I log in remotly from linux using ssh. I get a cmd shell. I have modified allusers.bat to start the mingw/msys sh.exe shell. This is a native port of bash to windows. I do have a problem however.

The backspace key doesn't work because apparently the delete key doesn't work and kpym uses left arrow followed by a delete to do the backspace. How can I figure out how to get my delete key to work? It currently prints a '~' when I hit delete. The arrow keys do work.

Do you have any solutions? Why doesn't Kpym just send a ^H, I believe that's what programs are expecting. Is there any way to do this?

BTW, thanks for a great program.

Bob Rossi

Kroum Grigorov

In the ascii.ini file change "key72" param from:
key72 = "00000100 00000025 014B0001 00000101 00000025 C14B0001 00000100 0000002E 00530001 00000101 0000002E C0530001"
key72 = "00000100 00000008 000E0001 00000102 00000008 001C0001 00000101 00000008 C00E0001"
- or -
key72 = "00000102 00000008 001E0001"

Try both parameters, leave the one that works best for you (sh.exe shell)

>Why doesn't Kpym just send a ^H...
There is problem in some applications( with the real "backspace/delete" key, so by default KTS uses LEFT + DELETE.


OK, this works well when I type ctrl-h.
key72 = "00000102 00000008 001E0001"
However, I would really like backspace to just send the ^h key. I'm not interested in the 'left arrow/delete' sequence. My delete key doesn't work. However, if you could tell me how to get the delete key to work, that would be nice.

Thanks for your help,
Bob Rossi


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