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How to decrease CPU Usage per Application
Agung How to decrease CPU Usage per Application
I notice that hight cpu usage per user telnet (till 25% process=ntvdm.exe) when application do something.
I'm using telnet for RF barcode scanner with foxpro 2.6 app run on it.
Every app doing something, find DB or else they took hight cpu usage. I'm trying app with 10 RF scanner and cpu usage reached 100% stable
Anyone give me advice to decrease this cpu usage.

Kroum Grigorov
NTVDM.EXE is Windows 16-bit Virtual Machine; it starts for each 16-bit process running on your machine. NTVDM.EXE is notorious for its CPU usage when processing keyboard and mouse input. (You can easily try this; run "" then start typing in it, you can see NTVDM.EXE CPU usage increasing). As NTVDM.EXE is part of the OS, AFAIK you can do nothing to optimise it.


Alexandre Alencar How to decrease CPU Usage per Application

You can solv this porblem by using blinker or you can use the 'iamiddle' library. The FT_OnIdle() and FT_IAmIdle() combo from the Nanforum Toolkit works extremely well
and you only have to add one single line at the top of your application. You can find Nanfor at the Oasis. But you also need a patch, otherwise it won't work on

If you have the source, recompile it to be a 32 bits (or 64 bits) software.

Alexandre Alencar
Support Analyst
Aspec S/C Ltda

or download the GSW telnetserver demo, copy dossboss and you have also a solution.


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