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How to install this service by hand?
xianglin.x How to install this service by hand?
I copy cl32.dll,kts.ini,telnet.ini,telnetd.exe,term.exe,term-ssh.exe, to the server ,then run telnetd -install, telnetd -start,

why can't I connect to the server ?

Kroum Grigorov
To install KTS by hand you have to:
1) take all files from KTS directory including "log" and "scripts" sub directories and files
2) copy files/directories to your server
3) adjust the shortcuts KTS\term.exe.lnk and KTS\term-ssh.exe.lnk to point to KTS\term.exe and KTS\term-ssh.exe respectively.
4) generate rsa key, install and start KTS service
telnetd.exe -rsakey
telnetd.exe -install
telnetd.exe -start
-- or --
telnetd.exe -setup
and use KTS menu


xianglin.x still not work
I do all these steps, and the ssh service is installed,
the port 22 is open, but when I try to use putty to connect to the server, I can't see the login message.

Kroum Grigorov
Check if port 22 is not hidden by some firewall/router.
You can also check for errors in "KTS\log" directory.
If you follow exactly the steps in my previous post you should have no problems installing KTS by hand.


xianglin.x It works, but....
I tried many times, I found only when I copy all the files to "c:\program files\kts" it can work. I have tried "c:\kts","c:\windows\kts","d:\kts". that can't connect~~

xianglin.x more
one more thing~,

you must install kts form concole, not a remote desktop connection~


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