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Cannot connect to my batch file
Tacks Cannot connect to my batch file

i install telnet server on our file server and use this to run a batch file. i already edit the allusers.bat to the name of the batch file. however i cannot run the the batch file when im accessing it to workstations, it show error.." 'file.bat' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file. " how can i make this thing ok ?


Kroum Grigorov

I don't quite understand your problem.
You have batch file on your "file server" that's called whenever allusers.bat is executed (e.g. whever someone logs in the telnet server)?
Is this correct?
When you say it shows error, you mean that when you login in KTS you see the error below and the "file.bat" batch is not executed?

Could you confirm that's your problem ?


yes. you are right. I also have a problem on executing the allusers.bat that I edited on the file server. I dont know if I edited the allusers.bat correctly, but what I did to allusers.bat is just changing all its content to the name of the batch file (eg. file.bat) is this correct?
BTW the file server is running on Windows 2K3 server and the workstations are running on WINXP Pro and I am using a Domain type network infrastructure. I badly need this thing work. Thanks and more power :)

Kroum Grigorov
Try doing this:
1) copy your 'file.bat' file in KTS\scripts directory
2) place the following line in allusers.bat file

'file.bat' should be executed upon connection



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