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my program dont work
ern3st my program dont work
i have a domain server and file server. one workstation need to access the file server which is under the domain.

i already edit the allusers.bat to the name of the batch file but it doesnt work. :(

can somebody help me to run the batch file on the file server? Thanks

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Can you login to the machine with the server on it?

The allusers.ini file should run after you login to the telnet/ssh session. If you cannot login, it will not run.

Keep in mind that you need to login to the machine with the username/password that already exists on the machine.

You must also use the username@hostname syntax if the machine that you are on is not using the same user name as the one you are logging on as.

ern3st still doesnt work
i already did that but it still doesnt work. any other idea? Thanks


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