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ctrl-c ad ctrl-break
Earl ctrl-c ad ctrl-break
Thank you for the rapid reply to my last question. I was wondering if there is a way to set up the telnet server to ignore ctrl-break and ctrl-c, or to map those keystrokes to a different output (for example ctrl-a)? I am running a script on login and I want to prevent users from terminating the batch file before it is executed.

Kroum Grigorov
Yes, you can disable ctrl+c/ctrl+break by setting [KTelnet]:ctrl_c_enabled = 0. This is in telnet.ini file.

If you want to map ctrl+c to different key, then first you have to disable it (so that it's not treated as special command ) then edit the ascii.ini file like this

Uncomment the following lines
;input2 = "03"
;key2 = "00000102 00000003 001E0001"

change key2 to the value for the key you want to map to (you can get the values from ascii.ini file).

For ex to map ctrl+c to ctrl+a (that's alt key actually) take the numbers from ctrl+a/key0 parameter and paste them in key2

input2 = "03"
key2 = "00000104 00000012 20380001 00000105 00000012 c0380001"



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