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Firewalls and alternate Ports e.g. l0c41 port 80
Alan Firewalls and alternate Ports e.g. l0c41 port 80
Thanks for the response about RSA keys.

I can't get past a firewall here at work to get to my server @home.
I know I can get putty (ssh client) to send on the l0c41 port (80) and l0c41 obviously goes through the firewall.

If I set [KTelnetd]:port to 80 as well will it just behave as an SSH server listening on port 80?

Has anyone any experience of doing this, or perhaps with another common port e.g. ftp on 21, or maybe 8080?



Kroum Grigorov
Yes, setting [KTelnetd]:port to 80 will force KTS to listen on port 80.
You will just need to restart KTS service.
KTS will act as SSH server, on whatever port you choose, so you should have no problems with KTS.

However depending on yuor firewall you still might not be able to connect from work.
For ex. it might analyze your traffic and drop it if it's not standart l0c41 request.
But you will have to try it yourself.



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