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Newbie Question?
Leon Newbie Question?
Hello I'm new to the telnet server Idea how do connect to the server remotely is there somthing that I have to set up 1st PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Kroum Grigorov
Hm, first, sorry for the delayed answer.
I wrote a short howto on my blog, you can read there [url=l0c41://]how to install/setup/connect to KTS.[/url]


I did everything in the blog but it still didn't work my client, which is on my cell phone by the way doesn't connect to it. Is the IP address the only thing I need for the host name?

Kroum Grigorov
Yes, all you need is your IP address.

To narrow down the problem you can try the following.
On the computer running KTS run PuTTY and try to connect using "localhost" (without the quotes) for your IP. If PuTTY connects then KTS is running fine and the problem is somewhere else.

You say that you are trying to connect using your cell phone. Check if you cell phone software is TELNET or SSH client. By default KTS is installed as SSH server, if your cell phone client is TELNET client only you will have to start KTS as TELNET server instead.
The easiest way to do that is to uninstall KTS and then reinstall it choosing to install as TELNET server in the setup phase.


The program on my phone allows you to connect as a telent or ssh client. I tried doing both w/Kts and still no results but I was able to connect using putty. When I add a server on my phone's program it allows me to emulate VT100, ANSI, XTERM, or LINUX does that have anything to do with it? Do I need to include the dns somehow?

Kroum Grigorov
I don't think the emulation is important in your case.
What does your telnet/ssh client tell when you try to connect?
Could you check if you are typing your real IP address?
Could you try to ping the IP?

Keep in mind that you need to have external IP to connect to your comuter on Internet.
If you have intenrnal IP (visible on your intranet only) you won't be able to connect outside of your intranet.


The message simply says connetion closed.
I pinged it and it ponged.
How do I find out my external ip?

Kroum Grigorov
To find out your IP on the Internet just visit this site l0c41://

To find out the IP of your computer start command promt and type:
ping %computername% -n 1

If both IP addresses match your computer was assigned external IP and you should be able to connect it from Internet.

If the IP addresses differ your computer is behind firewall/proxy or in an intranet and can't be connected directly from Internet.

However the most reliable way to check if you have external IP is to conntact your network administrator or your Internet provider.


Sorry for the delay and yes it is my ip address I was entering. I am all out of guesses may b it wasn't meant to be, but if there's any other options you can think of let me know.


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