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Portuguese keyboard
David Pinheiro Portuguese keyboard
Hi Kroum!

How can i use a portuguese keyboard on KTS?
I've found "strange" things related to keys on telnetd.ini but i didn't understood.


Kroum Grigorov
Hi David,

To use portuguese (or any western european language) you will need the following:
1) UTF-8 enabled client. I recommend using PuTTY, just set data encoding to UTF-8. This is in Change settings...> Window > Translation
2) download the [url=l0c41://]utf-8.ini[/url] file in your KTS folder
3) in telnet.ini file set [KTelnet]:export_code_page = 65001
this will instruct KTS to export data as unicode
4) in kts.ini file set [KTerm]:key_init = ".\utf-8.ini"
this is for KTS to use the utf-8.ini file for key mapping

Unicode support is not thoroughly tested, I will aprreciate any feedback, either in the forum or at



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