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Idle Detection Timer... User Keypress Only!
Robert M Idle Detection Timer... User Keypress Only!

The Idle time seems to only be reset in the event the TELNET USER presses a key, not in the event the SERVER TRANSMITS a character to the user. This poses a problem for me due to the fact that there are lenghty periods of time (hours) where there is no user typing necessary (only viewing by the USER).

This has become a problem in a rare situation where the server is engaged in its lengthy calculation/processing period, and the USER has a connectivity problem (or computer lockup) and disconnects abrubtly. In this type of situation KpyM cannot detect the disconnection event and leaves the TERM process running (using much needed CPU processing power).

Is it possible to allow charachter transmitted FROM the server to also reset the Idle Timer?

~Robert M
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Kroum Grigorov

You can try using the net_check_delay parameter in kts.ini file.
This is the timeout that KTS waits before sending "ARE YOU THERE" message to the client (sending this should force KTS to detect connection problems).
It's set to 5 min by default (300 s) you can try to decrease this value and check if the problem continues.


Robert M Problem is still going on.....
Unfortunately the problem is still going on. I've set the NET_CHECK_DELAY to 5 seconds. Any other suggestions?

~Robert M

Kroum Grigorov
No, no more suggestions.
It seems like a bug to me.
Could you please contact me at
I'd like to get few more details about this problem, if you don't mind.


I found that by setting the "idle timeout" variables to "0" vs the default, it no longer checks for input. At least this solved the same problem for me.
I changed pass_timeout, idle_timeout and io_timeout all to 0. I think only one was needed but I just didnt waste the time isolating to a single one.
I know this is a year or so old, but maybe it can help someone.


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