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A do I !?
Nisan Bahar A do I !?
How do I make a new user ?
How do I even login in the 1st time ?
I dunno my Win NT user& do I find them out?

thanks !

Kroum Grigorov

You cen create new user account on your box by running
net.exe user <username> <password> /Add
(replace <username> with the user name and <password> with the desired password)
once the user is created you can login using its name and password.

You can delete the user by running
net.exe user <username> /delete

>>I dunno my Win NT user& do I find them out?
You can find your username by typing
in command prompt.
But, it is easier to change your pass than finding it out. You can do that by running
net.exe user <username> <password>
this will reset the user <username> password to <password>, however I don't recommend you to do that as some programs might depend on your old password.

Btw you beter ask someone to check if your computer is secured enough for running telnet/ssh server, for ex it is a bad idea to have users with empty passwords and so on.



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