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Keep Alive Telnet After User Disconnects
Robert M Keep Alive Telnet After User Disconnects
Just wondering if there is a way to keep the shell executable running after the user disconnects from the telnet server.

I am using the telnet server as a order taker and usually after the order is taken I would like to allow the user to close their telnet window. Unfortunately, once they close the telnet window KpyM also terminates the PID for the application they were running.

Any ideas how to allow a user to disconnect while allowing the process they were running to stay alive?

Thank you much in advance,

Kroum Grigorov

You can try running your app using "runas.exe", this will start it off the session and it will continue running after the sesion dies. You can combine "runas.exe" with my [url=l0c41://]Console Scripting Tool[/url] to automate the runas process. However this will also start the app detached from your console, and you will not be able to monitor it.

Obviously, this is far from perfect solution. I will concider adding session disconnection/reconnection in the next KTS release.


Perry Prozeniuk
I actually seem to be experiencing the opposite problem. When the session ends due to idle timeout or SSH disconnect from the far end only the cmd.exe (and session) applications are closed. Any application that was started from cmd.exe is left as a "zombie". Is there some configuration change I need to do such that when the session is ended the other processes associated with the session job are terminated as well?

I'm using version 1.19c and running on windows 7 professional (32 bit).


I too have the problem where my applications running in the console over SSH are terminated when the timeout is reached. Can I set the timeout to -1, or is there some other option to have them persist past the timeout?

I would also like to be able to close the SSH session and client machine and have the applications continue to run.



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