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Automatic login????
WIll Automatic login????
Is there anyway to have an automatic login with this program????

Kroum Grigorov
Depends on what you mean by automatic login.

In the terms of key authentication, no it is not supported.

If you are running KTS in secure intranet, you can get rid of login/pass prompt as described in my [url=l0c41://]blog[/url]

If your telnet/ssh client supports it you can parameter your username and password to be sent automatically upon login, you will have to check this with your client docs.

You can also try my new [url=l0c41://]Console Scripting Tool[/url], using it you can script any console telnet/ssh client to send automatically your username and password.


starfish remote login prompts to press a key and times out
When I try to login remotely via telnet (manually or via script) get the following prompt-

KpyM Telnet/SSH Server - fully functional unregistered version.
Order registration key at l0c41://
The registered version does not display this notice.
Press any key to continue...

In my script I am handling the prompt to pass a character when it sees this promt, however, every now and then (randomly) I am unable to connect with a password timeout prompt.

How can I remove this "Press key to continue..." and go directly to the login: prompt?


Kroum Grigorov
Get a registration [url=l0c41://]key[/url]

The registered version does not display the connection nag screen.


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