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Stuck third connection when iMAXTELNETD=2
Some developer Stuck third connection when iMAXTELNETD=2
Hello ppl.
I really whould appreciate if you could help me to find work around for the bug.
The bug is simple:
Now I expect that all connections except the first one would be rejected.
I connect the second one and it does reject.
But the next connection is not !
The telnet client just get stuck :(
Sniffer shows that the server accepted TCP connection and did not close the connection ...

Please help !!!!!

The same developer KTS server ver. = 1.10
I've chosen this version for it's simplicity and GPL 2.0 license.

Kroum Grigorov

There was a major code rewrite after KTS v1.10 and I strongly recommend you using the latest version.

Anyway, I have a brief look at v1.10 code and before closing connection KTS sends NOFREEID message.
You can try to comment the send command and check if it would fix the problem. It's at line 426 in TELNETD.C file.



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