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Memory Usage by term.exe
VP Memory Usage by term.exe
hi, i noticed that term.exe process on the server constantly increases its allocated memory while running. And very rapidly.Is this something known/expected?
thank you

Kroum Grigorov

term.exe memory should stay at about 5 mb, you will have term.exe process (or term-ssh.exe if ssh ) for every active session. However it is not normall for the process to constantly increase used memory. Can you give me some details. What version of KTS are you running? What windows version? Are you running telnet or ssh server?

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First of all thank you for the quick response.
The problem was the "stringstream memory leak bug" of VS2005 (more info l0c41:// ). I compiled KpyM under VS2005 before testing it. Now i am using VS2003 and everything is ok.
thank you.


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