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Error on my own SSH Server
Sven Jaschan Error on my own SSH Server

I have programmed my own SSH-Server with the cryptlib.

pyM Server uses a modified cryptlib. When I use the same modified cryptlib in my project, it runs with no errors, but when I use the orginal cl32.dll, the server hangs up at this function.

status = cryptSetAttribute(m_cs, CRYPT_SESSINFO_NETWORKSOCKET, m_ssh );

status = cryptSetAttribute(m_cs, CRYPT_SESSINFO_ACTIVE, 1 );

I hope you can help me :-(

Kroum Grigorov

You can try checking these.
1) check if the socket you are passing is correct, it should be already connected to the client (probably it is fine as it works with modified cryptlib)
2) check the return error of
cryptSetAttribute(m_cs, CRYPT_SESSINFO_ACTIVE, 1 );
this function processes the whole SSH handshake and it might fail for a lot of reasons
3) check if you have errors in your ssh client, some clients don't like cryptlib ssh implementation.
4) check if you are compiling correctly the original cryptlib sources.
5) check what cryptlib version you are using. KTS uses the old cryptlib 3.2.2, now 3.2.3 is available from Peter Gutmann's site. It is possible that there is bug in the new version that does not exists in the older 3.2.2.
6) the changes in KpyM modified cryptlib are mainly for forcing cryptlib to use a subset of the ssh handshake and I ve added handlink for few ssh messages that were not implemented in the original code. Anyway you should be able to use unmodified cryptlib too.
7) if you still cant fix the problem, register for cryptlib mailing list and try posting your problem there. Most of the questions are answered. You can get more info on cryptlib mailing list from Peter Gutmann's site


Sven Jaschan THX
Thank you!

It seems to be an error! There are no problems with older versions of cryptlib.

Can you post the error?


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