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Can KpyM exist side-by-side with cygwin sshd?
Philip Can KpyM exist side-by-side with cygwin sshd?
I want to use cygwin sshd to get a unix-like shell and KpyM to get windows cmd prompt shell access to the same machine. Can they live side by side?

Perry Hutchison
I can't speak to the combination of KpyM and Cygwin sshd specifically -- I haven't yet gotten KpyM to work at all in ssh mode -- however in general I'd expect only one service to be able to listen on any one IP address / port combination. You could try having one or the other listen on a non-standard port, or on different IP addresses if your Windows system has more than one. Alternatively, you could try running powershell from the Windows CMD shell to get a somewhat unix-like UI.


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