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How to disable 'press any key to continue...'?
vinoth How to disable 'press any key to continue...'?
I have installed the kypM .Then after 5 seconds it says press any key to continue.

How to disable 'press any key to continue...'?

pls give some idea. i must need it.

Hi vinoth, you can set your telnet client to send an initial carriage return. I don't know how to disable that in KTS though.

Linda Kaioh
Hi, vinoth! You should register KTS (buy license) or modify source code to remove license key validation. As far as I know author of KTS allowed this solution.

Lame. Build better software instead of trying to annoy users into registering.

What is the point of the message?
Isn't it better to receive voluntary donations than to coerce people to give them?

This is a bad case of short-sightness.

I got the same question...
I'am Running a SSH connexion from a LINUX SERVER with PHP scripts.

This message 'press any key to continue...' is waiting for an input key. But with PHP scripts we can't send that input.

I need to try this software before buying it.

Kroum Grigorov
@Nunna78 drop me an email


I don't see the issue.
While he put that message there, he also gave the means of removing it.
Especially now that Microsoft removed Telnet Server from Windows 10, this alternative seems to be the best so far.
Either pay, or change the code.


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