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Renaming folders not working
Andrii Renaming folders not working
Using KpyM Telnet SSH Server v1.19c as sFTP-server on Windows server 2012. As client - FileZilla. If I try to rename folder - I get an error inside FileZilla:
mv "1" "2"
mv /C$/ftproot/1 /C$/ftproot/2: failure
In kts-log.txt:
7412 : 8640 2013- 9- 4 17:43:36 170 : 0: sftp::ren /C$/ftproot/1 /C$/ftproot/2
without any error. Also there is no any error in Windows logs.
User has full access to /C$/ftproot/ and file renaming is working correctly. Anybody know this problem?

After I get the same problems with deleting folders - thought that it could be some configuration problem. And yes! KpyM started as SYSTEM account which didn't have full access to needed folder. So I changed starting KpyM from administrator account and all running well now. May be will help something!

BTW: much better by KpyM to tell some rights problem in log to found the solution faster :)


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