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Transfer of special characters
Eugene Transfer of special characters

I use my mac's terminal to ssh to kpym ssh server installed on windows image. In the terminal, i can successfully authenticate to ssh server, and then i do ' type binary_file_win.bin', and then grab the output from mac's terminal screen and save it to a file on mac 'binary_file_mac.bin'. Next, i compare content of this file against original 'binary_file_win.bin' stored on windows image. Comparison reveals a number of special characters which are different. Is there anything that can be done in order for files to match? Below goes simple bash script that i use on my mac:

#!/usr/bin/expect -f

set timeout 5000

spawn ssh Administrator@

expect "password:"
send "mypassword"
send "\n"

expect "C:*Administrator>"

log_file -noappend binary_file_mac.bin

send "type binary_file_win.bin\r\n"

expect "C:*Administrator>"


send "exit"

Why you use "type" for file transferring? You should use scp or sftp for this cause I don't think it's possible to display all binary content correctly on screen and then save it back to a file cause there are a lot of non-printable chars in binaries.


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