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Keymap problems
Rafael Keymap problems
Hi Kroum
First of all, thanks for this great software.
I stopped at the same point that did worked for rob above, but not for me. Iґm trying to use a brazilian portuguese keyboard with an old DOS app.
When I reached this topic I had already done the exact same steps:
export_code_page = 65001
translation characters: UTF-8
added the command:
KB16 BR,850,C:\Windows\System32\KEYBOARD.SYS
(also tried simply chcp 850)

When Putty opens the console the keymapings are correct, I can use "?<>/\;з.," keys all in the right places in keyboard. If I run KB16 it shows all maping is correct.
But when I lauch the DOS application, the keys get all messed up, the chars are all changed and some lost.
If I run the application directly in DOS prompt, either in the client or the server machine, it uses the correct keymapings.
What else can I do to correct this?


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