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Unexpected screen refresh being generated
Perry Unexpected screen refresh being generated
I am using the KpyM SSH server as part of some automation activities and have found that periodically, when the windows host running the KpyM server is busy that there will be unexpected refreshes of the screen generated by the server.

So far I have been able to determine that it happens when the output of the server is delayed. I am operating with an 80x24 screen size and the last cursor positioning sequence before the refresh seems to occur is "<esc>[26;1f" which would actually be addressing off the end of the screen. This line of output is immediately followed by a refresh of the entire screen. As it happens, you don't actually see any change visually on the user screen but of course when interpreting the output this is a big problem since the output is repeated. I believe there is a bug in the console handling in KpyM causing this.

I can send a detailed capture (including timing) of the session as recorded by "script" on linux that can be played back if needed.



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