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Remote Port Forwarding
Luiz Eduardo Pizzinatto Remote Port Forwarding
Hello guys,

I need to use the "Remote Port Forward" feature, because my ssh server have to connect in my client pc's.
Doing some researches, I discovered in this forum that this has not been implemented, yet (curreent version is 1.19c). But it seems that "Local Port Forward" already works.
Am I right?

Kroum, can we wait for this soon?

I chose Kpym because it has the ability to remap the keys on server. My application sends a specific key sequence (like Ctrl+A sends ^[^[^[A instead ^A), so I just changed utf-8.ini file using k_map.exe, and it worked like magic! It was so easy. I won't leave KpyM, because this is very helpfull, and to hard to find in other ssh server solutions.

But... Does anyone know any other solution that does the same two things (remote port forward and remap keys on server) ?

Best regards!


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