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sftp_init.bat not executed sftp_init.bat not executed

I modified sftp_init.bat as follow below:

@echo on
rem ******************************
rem * use this file to init sftp *
rem * for example you can map *
rem * your network drives here *
rem ******************************

net use l: \\Wd-1t-2\Download

The server doesn't seam to execute the file. I change the Trace_level parameter but nothing appear in the trace file. Any ideas to help?

Regards, Marc

Kroum Grigorov
The sftp_init file should be executed just fine

You should be able to navigate to your network map going to /l$/ folder in your sftp client.
However the "l:" drive will not be listed under the / folder nor you will be placed directly on the "y:" drive upon connect.



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