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VT200 and backlight menus
marc VT200 and backlight menus
I am testing an application from a Kyman Net datalogic terminal that have the letter menus in white and background in black. The selection menu is a backligh row white over black letters. I have problems with this. Don't refresh correctly and don't view the backlighted selected menu. Do you know how can I resolve this?
In a dos telnet session from a Windows computer it's ok.

Kroum Grigorov
What will happen if you connect your Kyman Net terminal and run another console graphic application(for example
Do you see the background colors in your terminal?
If not refer to your terminal manual and check if you can force it to accept telnet ANSI colors.


I'can't run because server is Windows 2008. The terminal KymanNET suport ansi colors. I attach a video where the first part is with KPYM server, and the second part is with Slnet server (The same computer, the same application, and the same configuration of terminal Kyman NET).
You see the diferences with backlight menus:



Kroum Grigorov
Try making these changes in kts.ini directly(edit the file with notepad started through run as administrator command) -or- use the kts setup from the start menu.

Set buff_height=0(this should disable scrollback buffer), and set screen_width to your client terminal width and screen_height to your client terminal height(these look non standart on the video).


Hi Kroum.
I already modified this parameters but I obtain the same results. Have you any idea to try?


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