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SFTP Issue with Cisco Call Mgr Backups
JasonG SFTP Issue with Cisco Call Mgr Backups
We're trying to use this for Call Manager Express backups. Cisco recommends using Linux/OpenSSH based software for SFTP but I'd really like to avoid Cygwin and I like how simple the KpyM package is.

Others have reported interop issues with Call Manager and FreeFTPd based SFTP so it seems like Cisco is hung to the "gold standard" software somehow. What kind of debugging can I do to determine more low-level issues?

Sorry I forgot to mention that SFTP backups work sometimes, but other times hang in the middle.

The backup consists of several tar files. Most are small, around 11KB, but one file is typically about half a GB.

Thank you!

Please see my bug report (SFTP-Bug), might be the same reason with your issue.


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