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session.exe crash - SSH - public key auth
Sancho session.exe crash - SSH - public key auth
Just installed the latest version ( and after editing "publickey_logon.ini" session.exe is crashing. This is the first time I've installed your app.

I use PuTTY with Pageant to load my private key.

I inserted the public key into publickey_logon.ini (edited entry to make it match example, though that didn't make a difference).

When connecting with PuTTY I get the "This server's key has changed" message (because I'm testing out different SSH servers for Windows).

I accepted the new key, got the login window... then saw session.exe crash (had a LAN RealVNC window open to the PC in question).

Happened twice. Nothing in the KTS log file. My IP is listed in the ip-ban folder, though I can't see that being the problem. I've saved the files generated and sent to Microsoft (appcompat.txt and two dump files (.mdmp and larger .hdmp)), and took screenshots of the error dialog boxes.

This is on a freshly installed, fully updated Windows XP Professional SP-3 box.

Let me know if you'd like to take a look. I'd like to give your app a fair shake, and who knows, I might even donate to the cause :-)


Kroum Grigorov
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