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Changing to custom rsa key
txomon Changing to custom rsa key

I have been making experiments with this server, and although it is good (not perfect, but just very usefull), I have tryed to change the rsa key and didn't work. Which is the encoding it uses?

I explain why. I have a dual boot computer, in both windows and ubuntu, and when I want to connect to the windows server, there is no way I can't connect to the computer, due to that I have the ubuntu key in the known_hosts file. So I have try to change the windows key file (, but there is no way I can read it correctly...

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Kroum Grigorov
Cryptlib, the security crypto library that KTS uses, handles the server key.
Reading from its FAQ it claims that PKCS #15 is the only supported format

Hope this information would help you.



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