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Connection from internet
fede Connection from internet
I am able to connect to the kpm Telnet server from my intranet but not from internet? Do i have to change something? ;)

Kroum Grigorov
From the part of KTS, you don't have to change anything.

If you are behind some firewall or in some restricted intranet you have to allow incoming connections on port 23 (for telnet) or port 22(ssh) to your machine. If you have software firewall on your computer check if KTS files are allowed to 'act as server' and are allowed to use internet ( these are telnetd.exe, term-telnet.exe and term-ssh.exe)
And of course you have to have external IP, ore some intranet routing to connect to your intranet computer from internet.


fede tx
The problem was with the firewall on router. Now solved. Thank you for suggestion.


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