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Elevated Mode on W2K8 R2
Vahan Elevated Mode on W2K8 R2
Doesn't look like the command shell that's launched on W2K8 R2 is in elevated mode.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks much!

Kroum Grigorov
Nope, no solution for the moment.
You have to either disable UAC -or- live with its restrictions.


Thanks Kroum!


Btw, couldn't even get it to work after disabling UAC in the registry:


if anyone was successful at this, please advise.


Kroum Grigorov
This works for me, following the instructions from this page

This is under the "To turn off UAC" section, do not forget to restart your machine to apply the change.


Justin Dunlap
This is as easy as pie to fix. Add the following after calling ::LogonUser() in the KSession::LogonUser1() method:

DWORD dwLength;
GetTokenInformation(this->token, _TOKEN_INFORMATION_CLASS::TokenLinkedToken, &this->token, sizeof(HANDLE), &dwLength);

Boom! All user logins that are capable of being elevated will be elevated. I have not tested this with users that are not in the administrators group, so I don't know if maybe there should be a conditional around it to check for that first.


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