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supported operating systems?
rpafts supported operating systems?
Is the latest version of KpyM supposed to be able to run
under W2k Server ?
If not, which is the last version of KpyM that would run and is it safe , secure and fast enough to use?

Kroum Grigorov
Should run fine on W2k, but the best you can do is just try it.
If this does not run drop me a mail at


Kroum Grigorov
Just to clear this out.

As of v1.19 KTS will NOT run on Windows 2000, this limitation comes from VS 2010 Express that I use to build the binaries.


The latest version that will run on W2K is this one:

This is a stable release, so this should be pretty safe to use.

Alternatively one might try to recompile the latest KTS version from source with older Visual Studio/or another compiler/, and I think this should work on W2k just fine.



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