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only restricted user should have access
verstyle18 only restricted user should have access
Hi Everyone,

I have jsut downlaoded the KpyM. its working fine and all domain users can access the server.

But i want to implement the security that only the some restricted user can access the server.

1) How can i add user who will access the server while denying all others users???

2) How can i only permit the users to access the service of telnet from my server to another remote server??

PLs help. ur response will be highly appreciated.

Furthermore , i have a user , who has a name john, his domain username is he is using his domain credentials for accessing the server.

i only want him to access the server, while denying all the domain users to access it. Please provide the syntax of this user to allow him and on which file , i have to these changes???

Kroum Grigorov
Set NTFS permissions on the files in KTS\subsystems folder

You permissions should finally look like this

For more info on the subsystems


Thnaks Kroum.

i am using this server as a bridgh between users and remote machine. USers have to telnet the remote server(to be accessed from this server). But after accessing the TELNET SERVER, users can make change/edit any thing on the server. i only want to allow them to connect to remote server through telnet and they should not be able to run anyother command (except telnet) on this server.

Can u help plz?
Thanks in advance


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