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italian keyboard layout
rob italian keyboard layout

I tried to modify the utf-8.ini file according to the Italian keyboard charset (using UTF-8), but while I managed it for some keys, I was not able to do it for others.

For example I couldn't in any way do it for the "?" (question mark). The original setting does not work:
; ?
input92 = "3F"
key92 = "FFFFFFFF 1 10 0 1 10 1 10 3F 1 BF 0 10 3F 1 BF 0 0 0 1 10"

Moreover I was not able to map the specific Italian diacritical wovels (ASCII ), that do not exist in the US keyboard (CP437, ASCII codes 130,133,138,141,149,151).

Any suggestions?


italian keyboard lay (2)
This post integrates the former one ("italian keyboard layout").

To be more exhaustive about my problem, I got a strange behavior once connected via SSH to a Win XP server: just after the login, the Italian keyboard is totally emulated (function keys, specific Italian keys, etc.), but when I launch a DOS application, the national keys of the keyboard are not recognized! So I decided to "adapt" the missing keys modifying the utf-8.ini file., but as I already pointed out, without the desiring results.



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