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Encoding Problem?
Rza Encoding Problem?
Dear developer(s) i'm using latest version of kpym SSH server on Windows xp sp2 (ru) (32 bit)
It works like charm except theris nasty encoding bug seems?
WHen i login to terminal using ssh All Russian characters(local path) (eg: Рабочий стол) etc will turn to => ????????? ??????? <=like this:(
I'm using Putty 0.60 as client application, also i changed encoding in it no success for me.

Just wondering about how to solve this problem?
Please help :P

P.S Thanks for Great software Really;)
/2557580 )

Kroum Grigorov
Have a look at these links, you have to configure KTS to export russian text(export_code_page param) and you might have to configure your client.




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