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File transfer does not complete
Guest File transfer does not complete
So I've got an sftp share mounted across the internet using KpyM as the server, and NetDrive as the client. When I try copying a file to the sftp drive, it only copies 16KB of the file then quits. No errors or anything, it just reports that it's done.

I was hoping that I would get more verbosity by using xcopy but it just completes and reports success, too. The file I'm trying to move is 1.8GB, approximately.

I set the Idle timeout value to 0, as I read from another account on the forum, but it did not solve the problem. I like KpyM and want to use it for backups this way, but I need to be able to trust it. Can anyone give me possible troubleshooting suggestions?

Kroum Grigorov
What happens if you use putty psftp.exe for example?



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