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Passing Character (\033) ,bell to Telnet Client
VP Passing Character (\033) ,bell to Telnet Client
Hello, we are testing KpyM telnet server with our application and i 'd like to ask you a few things.
1. The bell ascii character is filtered by KpyM.Is there any way (parameter?) to pass it to telnet client?
2. If our app is running over Telnet protocol,we 're using escape characters to highlight some parts of the output.Character \033 seems to be filtered also by KpyM.Is it possible to pass it to the client?
3. The default configuration for BackSpace (LEFT and DELETE) doen't work in the app.The second configuration given in config files deletes two chars insteed of one.Why is that?
Thank You

Kroum Grigorov

First of all, sorry for the late reply.

1. No, you can not pass bell to client. Currently KTS does not detect bell signal at all, it is just played on the host.
2. No, you can not pass directly control characters to telnet client. Instead just highlight the text in the windows console, the color should be exported automatically to the telnet client. If you need to send some special highlight commands, just choose one color and replace its ESC sequence in telnet.ini file and use it as console color.
3. Backspace is really tricky key. You can try to redefine it to

; wm_char only
key72 = "00000102 00000008 001C0001"

- or -
; wm_keydown wm_keyup
key72 = "00000100 00000008 000E0001 00000101 00000008 C00E0001"



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