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connection closed after few minutes
manit connection closed after few minutes
hi , I am using kts119a.exe on windows xp as telnet server. After I logged in as administrator . A few minutes later the connection was closed because I did not gave any command . I am the only person who logs into remote windows xp . Can I do something so that connection does not end till I disconnect .

Kroum Grigorov
You can disable this by setting idle_timeout=0

You have to change this in kts.ini file, this is located in "c:\program files\kts" folder.

You can edit the file with notepad, just locate the idle_timeout parameter in the kts.ini file and set it to 0


You can start the KTS setup(you can find this in the start menu, or start it with this command "c:\program files\kts\setup.bat"), and use it to set the idle_timeout parameter.



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