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KpyM on x64
Federico Bianchi KpyM on x64
Do you plan to make KpyM available for x64 boxes as well?

Kroum Grigorov
You can run KpyM on x64, and this will run in x86 "emulation" mode.

However you still have access to all x64 apps and you should be able to run them from inside KpyM session.

You can use the windir%\Sysnative alias to access the "native" windir%\system32 on x64.

Sysnative is available starting with Windows Vista, however there's a hotfix for Windows 2003 and Windows XP that adds the sysnative alias(l0c41://

More info on sysnative



As for native x64 port, I'm thinking of this but this is pretty low on my TODO list.



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