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URGENT *** SAPConsole AgCom (0036AA88): Error: internal
Pascal Bellerose URGENT *** SAPConsole AgCom (0036AA88): Error: internal

I've installed KpyM with SAPConsole.

I can connect to Telnet.

But when sapcnsl.exe starts. it terminates immediately with this error:
*** ERROR => ***AgCom (0036AA88): Error: internal err

any ideas?

Kroum Grigorov
Check your SAP console configuration, this does not seem like an error coming from KTS

Pascal Bellerose
Yeah, kinda figured that out after posting to the forum.

I finally found out that I had to add service entries for sapgwxx port numbers.

I modified file c:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\service

I added sapdp00 and made it point to port 3200 which is the port of our SAP Dialog Process.

What I understood s that SAPConsole is too dumb to call ask for the port. Instead it's calling for a port name which does not exist in Windows. And SAP didn't even thought of adding the port entry during SAPConsole installation.

This port name entry seems to be done by SAPGui installation. Since I haven't installed SAPGui on the server running SAPConsole (wasn't required), port names were not added to services file.

Hope this helps others.

Chris Lewandowski
Thank you. We were seeing this, as well. The SAP logon prompt came up on the console after making the changes to the services file.


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