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stopped working after several days
Max stopped working after several days
Just noticed a strange behavior. It's not the latest version (previous) so probably it's fixed, but if you have some time to look at the info, that would be very kind of you.

Kpym is on XP SP3, after several days of working from putty it looks like successfull login and after time out gets to the zero, the window is closing. This scenario is repeated for me at least dozen of times. But at the same time I can connect with Remote Desktop and Kpym's SFTP.

Now it's in this state so if you need some additional information, I can post. The log fragment from previous success work in shell (about several minutes) is

11: 2: 2 859 : 0: ssh.login.end
11: 2: 2 875 : 0: login accepted: [ ... ]
11: 4:42 265 : 0: shell is dead
11: 4:43 265 : 0: shutdown
11: 4:43 312 : 0: session.exe end

and the fragment of the last failure login (when elapsed time started and putty closes when it reaches zero)

11: 7: 0 437 : 0: KTS connected to {....ip...}:32810
11: 7: 0 921 : 0: session.exe started
11: 7: 1 218 : 0: connected to {....ip...}:32810
11: 7: 1 234 : 0: ssh initialized
11: 7:29 171 : 0: ssh.login.end
11: 7:29 296 : 0: login accepted: [ ... ]
11: 7:40 312 : 0: proxy mode: kts{....ip...}_10018
11: 7:40 328 : 0: can't connect pipe kts{....ip...}_10018
11: 7:40 328 : 0: shutdown session
11: 7:40 343 : 0: session.exe end

Thank you,


Kroum Grigorov
This looks a lot like the "zombie session" problem.
You can read a bit more on the issue in this topic

This was fixed in the latest version so I can recomend you to install the latest version.


Kroum, thank your for your reply

I read the topic, looked at the symptoms and it seemed like this is the problem indeed. I upgraded so will look at how it is going to work.

After installing 1.19 I have some thoughts:
- It would be great if you briefly write on the download page that a new version can only be installed after uninstalling the previous one. I suppose this can work without it, but there are problems like busy files while installing and overwriting all the settings user changed (in my case telnet.ini, kts.ini, allusers.bat). I tried to replace new files with my old ones, but since you changed the logic how permissions are working, it worked only partly. I suppose this method is not good since you may change also something else so it's better for user to remember what the settings he changed.

- The new trick with subsystems files permission is a great way to do the adjustment convenient, but this won't work on FAT32 (this also could be mentioned on the download page if you don't mind). Also now it's not almost impossible to address the security problem I wrote once about (It's when user names and password are 'relaxed' because the user's network is behind the router). Brand new installation of 1.19 by default will grant subsystem\* reading right to all users on the machine so all users are allowed by default, am I right? Seems the only way to fix it I suppose is to change 1 to 0 in all three files. Kroum, the people who loves your software are sane people, moreover, they're tech savvy (admins and developers), so if you leave a brief note in a readme about the logic behind these files, nobody of these tech-savvy people will complain like "I installed your program, nothing works" :))



Kroum Grigorov
Your points are valid, the project documentation and the setup process(including the default security settings) sucks. I'm considering to improve these once I find some free time.


Kroum, thanks for your efforts, but also to say 'thank you' in more material words I also registered today :)

Kroum Grigorov


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