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Me again - and WriteConsole etc.
Jan Me again - and WriteConsole etc.

I know how to write a very simple telnet server, but I would like to implement the feature that you can start and use remotely. It has something to do with the "video memory"...

Can you give me a hint ? What do I have to do to make it work? Or how can i redirect all the output to the socket, even's.

Thx for answers..

Kroum Grigorov
Playing with '' apps is little tricky
Actualy there are 2 problems
1) Sending input
2) Reading output

1) On how to send input to extermnal app, you can check my blog post [url=l0c41://]"sending keyboard input to external application"[/url].

2) Reading console; writes output directly to "console memory", that's why you can't get its output using std handles. Instead you have to use the following "algorithm"

- You create the console process so that it uses the same console as the "telnet server" process using [url=l0c41://]CreateProcess[/url].
- Now get the std out handle of your "telnet server" process by calling [url=l0c41://]GetStdHandle[/url]. The handle you get can be used to read output of "" process too, because the two processes share the same console (remember the previous point)
- Having the output handle just use "low level" console function as [url=l0c41://]ReadConsoleOutput[/url].


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