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Reverse SSH?
k0nsol Reverse SSH?
So far Im very impressed with it. Although, I don't know if this supports reverse ssh at all. I am wanting to be able to use it behind a NAT and I haven't found anything on how to do this. Thanks and this is probably the most impressive software I've seen. If this can be accomplished then I will definitely donate/purchase immediately


Kroum Grigorov
>reverse ssh
Nope, not implemented yet.
May be in one of the next versions


Damn, any knowledge of when a new version will be released?

Varnier Gatto
I will wait for the next version :-)

Kroum Grigorov
> when a new version will be released?
Probably somewhere at the end of the year.


varnier gatto
Reverse ssh will be implemented in the next version at the end of the year?

Kroum Grigorov
Reverse ssh is in my todo list for the next version, and it will probably be implemented.



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