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Client Screen Size error immediately upon connection
Earle Client Screen Size error immediately upon connection
Is there anything I can do to prevent the "Client Screen Size" error? I've set the console window size and to 80 by 25, same as the width/height variables in the SSH server. I've also set buffer to 0, but I still get the error every time I try to log in.

I just need to be able to transmit text back and forth between machines, I don't really care about formatting/columns/rows or what the text looks like on screen, as long as it's an accurate representation of the characters sent to/from the server. Is there a way I can turn off the code that checks for client screen size?

Kroum Grigorov
1) try adding the following line at the end of allusers.bat file

cd \

2) if you do not need interactive programs try setting pipe_mode=1



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