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Other ctrl+... combinations
linred Other ctrl+... combinations
How can I add key sequences to utf-8.ini file?
E.g. I'd like to have Ctrl-Cursors (or at least Shift or Alt + Cursors) in my application.

Kroum Grigorov
The ctrl+cursor comboes are non standart for telnet and are usually ignored by the client software. This means that your client does not send anything to the server when you press ctrl+cursor keys.

Anyway, if you can make your client to send some char sequence then you can add this to the utf-8.ini file at the end of the file just before the "eof" key marker and increasing the "eof" marker

; eof
input345 = "eof"
key345 = "eof"
; my custom combo
input345 = "hex encoded sequence that the client sends"
key345 = "key event sequence"
; eof
input346 = "eof"
key346 = "eof"

the "hex encoded sequence that the client sends" is the sequence that your client will send hex encoded. note that to work this should be send by your client as one packet and not in separate packets

you can get the "key event sequence" by running this util [url]l0c41://[/url]
press "enter" then press your key combo and "enter" again
this is the key event sequence for CTRL+F6 combo

alternatively you can map your combo to one of the already existing comboes
for example to map CTRL+F6 on the host to CTRL+F on the client you can edit the utf-8.ini file replacing the key value for ctrl+f with the one for ctrl+f6


By the way, I'm not the author of this thread, just wondering.

On the far manager thread related to ssh were mentioned key sequences that work and don't work in putty. Can you see some dependency?

They work: CtrlB; CtrlD; CtrlE; CtrlF; CtrlG; CtrlK; CtrlN; CtrlO; CtrlP; CtrlR; CtrlT; CtrlU; CtrlX; CtrlY; CtrlZ

Nothing or wrong actions: CtrlA; CtrlC; CtrlJ; CtrlL; CtrlQ; CtrlS; CtrlW; Ctrl-number; CtrlH, CtrlI, CtrlM

Additionally I can mention Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown. They have special meaning in Putty, but i recompiled putty with they switched off, but it didn't help, they still don't work.



Kroum Grigorov
CtrlA - mapped to ALT key as this has huge usage
CtrlC - the break signal
CtrlJ - LF
CtrlL - ? this is isabled in utf-8.ini file but I do not remenber for what reason
CtrlQ - this is reserved for KTS for a feature that I'm thinking of
CtrlS - the pause signal
CtrlW - ??
CtrlH - backspace
CtrlI - tab key
CtrlM - enter key
Ctrl-number - not implemented, i'm not usre this is supported in telnet clients
Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown - not implemented, i'm not usre this is supported in telnet clients



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