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KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.19 Released!
Kroum Grigorov KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.19 Released!
What's new:

telnet auto-login
automatic login based on the telnet client IP address/10x to Rob Stocks for implementing this/

ssh publickey authentication
automatic login based on ssh publickey

ssh repeat key exchange
/should work now/

sftp bug fixes

sftp list drives
KTS will list your host drives under the root folder /

sftp init script
can be used to map your network drives in sftp sessions

new subsystems access
instead of "allow_sftp/allow_portforward/..." parameters there are now files in the kts\subsystems folder. you can disable a subsystem by deleting/renaming the coresponding file -or- you can now have a per user control of the subsystems by setting NTFS permissions on these files.
For ex; to lock out "Guest" account from all access you can set "deny read" on the files in the subsystems folder to the "Guest" user.

built against cryptlib 3.3.3
KTS is now build against cryptlib v 3.3.3

Click here to get KTS v1.19a


Great Job.
>ssh publickey authentication
>automatic login based on ssh publickey
But this is security hole:
Passwords stores in %programfiles%\kts\publickey_logon.ini as plain text.

Kroum Grigorov
> as plain text
Yes it is security hole, and it is up to you to secure the access to the ini files.
KTS runs as "Local System" so you may DENY all access to the ini files to your regular users.

This is the same for autologin and default user/pass parameter.



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