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SFTP permsission/timestamp setting
Max SFTP permsission/timestamp setting
just a note about SFTP implementation.
WinSCP plugin for Far after copying a file to the server reported:

====begin of message
Upload of file '...' was successful, but error
occurred while setting the permissions and/or timestamp. If the
problem persists, turn on 'Ignore permission errors' option.
The server does not support the operation.
Error code: 8
Error message from server:
Request code: 9
===end of message

The date of the desination file is different from the original one so probably timestamp could not be set



Kroum Grigorov
>while setting the permissions and/or timestamp

SFTP file permissions/timestamp commands are not implemented in KTS yet, so your FAR plugin is right to complain.


Timothy Quinn
DARN, I guess I cannot use your tool. My usecase requires setting of the timestamp on upload. I'm using SSHD for handling automatic synchronization of web resources. Timestamp is required.

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